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Jason Whalen, BA HPE/BA Coaching - Certified Trainer - Member NSCA - Professional Insured
Scottsdale, Arizona
Privia Wellness Network

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  • September 22, 2014
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Exercise programs via Skype!

JWWFITNESS is coming to you. Yes, a certified private trainer in your home or office via Skype
(free download), at an affordable price. We offer two programs to get you fit and healthy.

It’s easy to start! Send us your Skype name and availability. Be sure to give us a time slot when you are available for 1 full hour.  This is the first step to a healthier lifestyle, the rest we will explain to you when we meet with you on Skype.
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We offer two programs customized to your unique needs:


First, you decide on a true fitness goal or goals you want to accomplish within 3 months (weight loss, muscle gain, compete in a specific sport, etc.). Then, we will provide you with a special measuring tape and measurement instructions.  In addition, you will receive a weekly workout sheet with your exercises, including pictures and descriptions, plus a weekly log for you to track activities performed each week. You will report all your activities at the end of each week in your 60 minutes live via Skype session. We will discuss what progression steps are needed for the following week to help you progress toward reaching your goals.

Our personal certified trainer, Jason Whalen, will contact you each week (4 times a month), plus the initial introduction, each 60 minutes via Skype. Jason will describe to you a program and show you how to properly perform each exercise. Jason will offer advice regarding cardio, equipment, and other activities that are necessary for you to reach your goals. The Skype sessions give you a one-on-one opportunity to ask Jason questions about fitness and to discuss any fitness or training issues you may have.

After you successfully complete your 3 month program we will give you a certificate for completing the JWWFITNESS FIT QUICK EXERCISE Program. Graphs and charts of your results will also be available for you at the end of the 3 months program. Please keep in mind that each program is specifically tailored to you and your needs, so this is true one-on-one training.


This is our premium program which includes everything provided in Program 1, plus a custom tailored food control and nutrition plan, and a stability ball.

Our Training Concierge will speak with you daily by phone or email for progress reports on your eating habits, calorie intake, portion sizes, etc., and will provide recommendations and answer your questions. It is important for you to keep track of what and how much you are eating so we can log and track your progress, and provide you with weekly status reports.

+Receive a $35 rebate when you bring us a new client.


For more information about our FIT QUICK EXERCISE™ Program, please contact us.

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