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  • Pull-ups and push-ups still king!

    These movements although old school still rank at the top for upper strength workouts and overall workouts. No matter your level it is really important to include these movements in your regular exercise routine and here is why … Pull-ups exercises focus on developing the back and biceps (the “pulling” muscles), while Push-ups addresses the […]

  • JWWFITNESS Has All the Tools!

    It’s official, with the Jungle gym XT as the the latest addition, JWWFITNESS’s studio has all the tools plus more that one needs to improve their health and overall fitness. Especially since FREE WEIGHTS AND CALISTHENIC training are the MOST EFFECTIVE and I believe healthiest exercises(along with cardio) one can do to achieve any kind […]


    There is a New muscle head movie coming soon called “Pain is gain” and it is based on a true story about a couple of muscle head bodybuilders, Mark Walberg and The Rock. For this role Mark goes from 165 to 200 LBS.5-6,000  CALORIES  is the amount  of calories that Mark would of had to […]


    Nice little rain this morning…although I prefer the sun and the heat this weather brings me back to football practice. speed drills, hitting drills, and then weights. Man I never thought I actually miss those intense 3 1/2 hours practices plus weights… but I do! Although weight training is my favorite exercise I work on […]

  • Proper form is the only way!

    I recommend not doing Cross-fit or any other high intensity program that requires advance movements if yu are new to exercise or even if you have not exercised in the last 6 months. Why? Form form form, and form…. Form is important not just to help one ensure that right muscle is being worked but also […]

  • Just walk the walk!

    Some talk the talk when it comes to exercises and some just walk it, I try to be the latter. I say let the physique and performance in the weight room do the talking for you. I don’t mean looking like the Ronnie Coleman, which impossible without roids and great genes and sure don’t mean […]