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  • Here is to a healthy 2012!

    The one thing I have learned from studying the human body is that with proper nutrition and rest we can push our bodies much harder then we think during workouts. Our bodies are meant to be strong, like machines they are meant to be pushed and will only get stronger the more we push them. Not […]

  • Want to do more PUSH-UPS and PULL-UPS?

    Push-ups and Pull-ups, the two exercises have been around for ever and still both rank on top for best exercises. Be sure to include these exercises in you routine. Even if you can only do 2 reps of each…the only way to get stronger at something is by doing it more often! Gaining strength is […]

  • TALKING PROTEIN! Facts, types, and intake.

     Protein, along with carbs and fat, is a macronutrient, which basically means the body needs a relatively large amount of protein to function properly.  Although protein itself does not actually build muscle, it does play an important role in muscle development, athletic performance, and one’s overall health.  Some benefits of protein include producing antibodies, enzymes, and transferring oxygen throughout […]

  • How can I tone my midsection and love handles?

    Most important thing you need to know is that doing crunches, sit ups, or any kind of ab exercise will only train the muscles under the fat. In fact, working your abs everyday will only lead to a bigger midsection. This is obviously something you don’t want. Do a variety of ab exercises that hit […]

  • Nutrition and Training: EATING HEALTHY IS ALL IT’S MADE OUT TO BE!!!

     Nutrition and training should be thought as one, so you should not only train hard but you should also train smart. Including nutritious foods in your diet will improve energy levels, recovery, weight loss, muscle gain and will simply make you feel great. Eating a well balanced moderate diet does not mean starving yourself or depriving yourself […]

  • Core Training

    Hi everyone, this is the first of many blogs in which I plan to post. The topic for this blog will be core training and why it is the basis of all my programs. Core training has become a common trend in fitness today, although core exercises have been around for many years, strength coaches […]