• Pandemic Related Shifts Are Doing Some Good

    JWW Fitness realizes just about everyone is struggling with the new normal. We hope the following tips provide new insight into how some of these changes have been for the good. Image courtesy of Pexels Article courtesy of Jennifer Scott Pandemic-Related ShiftsThat Are Doing Us Some Good COVID-19 obviously brought some serious problems into our […]

  • Personal Training is Not a Luxury

    Personal training is not a luxury…it is an investment for your current and future health! There is so much more to personal training than just muscle gain, weight loss, and sports performance. Hey all these are great benefits and motivators… but actually my number one goal for all my clients, is to improve their overall […]

  • Cardio exercise for seniors

    Aerobic activity increases the transportation of oxygen to the blood, boosts circulation and widens the arteries. This surge of blood through the system speeds up the flow of waste from the muscles while naturally increasing endorphin levels that remove pain. Even gentle cardio workouts keep the immune system functional, warding off minor viruses. Blood pressure […]

  • Core training to prevent lower back pain

    Lower back pain is often very frustrating to deal with and treat effectively. Each person is different and what works for one person may not work for you. If you can`t isolate the cause of your pain, you may have already run through many different treatment options with little to no success. However, what you […]

  • Knowing the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers can play a huge role in your fitness routine!

    Type II muscle fibers(fast twitch) workouts consist of Strength training, sprinting, plyometrics.. ..Type 11 fibers are for Short and intense exercises, with little endurance because the muscle fibers contract with a great amount of force but tire quickly.. While type 1 fibers(slow twitch) are for long distance, low intensity, with high endurance needed. Marathon runners […]

  • Pull-ups and push-ups still king!

    These movements although old school still rank at the top for upper strength workouts and overall workouts. No matter your level it is really important to include these movements in your regular exercise routine and here is why … Pull-ups exercises focus on developing the back and biceps (the “pulling” muscles), while Push-ups addresses the […]