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Fit Bit Ultra
The Fitbit Ultra is like a pedometer on steroids! Not only does it calculate your steps it also calculates your floors climbed, calories burned and even your sleep quality. Just click this little guy on your belt (Fitbit provides a free belt holder), shirt, bra, or in your pocket, and let it do its no magic. The Fitbit Ultra also comes with a wrist band so the Fitbit can be clicked on your wrist while you sleep and you can truly see how long and well you are sleeping. The Fitbit Ultra is wireless so once you have your basic measurement info in on the website there is really not much else you have to do besides just enjoy the data reports of your activity level.

The Fitbit Ultra also integrates with Myfitnesspal is a free tool, with a website and mobile apps that individuals can use to count there calories. It is all about the calories when it comes to weight loss and counting calories while maintaining a balanced diet has time and time again proven to be the best method for any goal in fitness and health. Plus counting calories and eating a balanced diet is a long term solution which still gives individuals the opportunity to enjoy the foods they love in moderation. Myfitnesspal will automatically adjust your nutrition goals based on the your activity data from Fitbit Ultra, and from then on, everything that your Fitbit tracks while you’re wearing it will be updated on your Myfitnesspal page. The only thing you have to do from then on is input your nutrition intake and other activities on either Myfitnesspal or on your Fitbit Ultra and they will automatically synchronize.

As a certified trainer I feel it is very important to see how active my clients are and what they nutrition intake is also. Fitbit Ultra and Myfitnesspal allows this opportunity as well as it lets clients see how active I am and what I eat. Fitbit Ultra members have the opportunity to set their settings to private, friends or public. If they just want their trainer to view their profile they can join my JWWFITNESS group on Fitbit Ultra. Fitbit Ultra and Myfitnesspal tools have really been helpful to my Skypercise Fit Quick Program. My Skype clients are always on the road or live in another state, so seeing how active they are along with be able to view their food intake has help has really help our Skype program be an effective tool.

Body Fat Calculator
  • Measurements

    The measurements need to be accurate to within 0.25 inch and should be taken as follows:

    • Height: taken without shoes
    • Neck: taken below the larynx sloping slightly downward at the front
    • Waist: for men at navel height, for women at the smallest point
    • Hips: at the largest point

  • Body Fat Calculator

BMI Calculator
  • Body Mass Index

    For those not familiar with body mass index, it is the the ratio of body weight to the square of your height and is a general indication of whether someone is overweight.

    The following calculator uses your weight and height to determine your body mass index.

  • BMI Calculator