JWWFITNESS Has All the Tools!

It’s official, with the Jungle gym XT as the the latest addition, JWWFITNESS’s studio has all the tools plus more that one needs to improve their health and overall fitness. Especially since FREE WEIGHTS AND CALISTHENIC training are the MOST EFFECTIVE and I believe healthiest exercises(along with cardio) one can do to achieve any kind of fitness. Now with a the Jungle Gym XT, free weights, cage, Olympic bars, Bosu/Swiss balls, cardio machines,  resistance bands, and a dedicated certified trainer, there is no reason why one can’t achieve any fitness goal in our studio. 

 As a qualified certified trainer with 10 years of personal training experience and BA in exercise Science, I only choose the most productive and safe equipment and exercises for my clients.  I am dedicated to finding a program for each specific client that will not only help them reach their goals but will also hopefully educate the client so they can take what they learned from me and use it the rest of their life. If you want the best workout of your life, you will come workout with me so I can not only show you the most productive ways to workout but also the safest ways to train by using the best form possible.

As for my new addition, the Jungle Gym XT , all it is really is advanced calisthenic training, which is the best method out there for core training period. Each Jungle gym strap has a 1500 pound capacity and this device has exercises for all levels. However, I only recommend using this equipment with a certified trainer until proper form and core strength is established. If you are looking to improve core strength and endurance, then try the Jungle Gym XT, along with Bosu, Swiss ball, and free weight training.

The core is where it is all at for one looking to improve health, strength, endurance, and sports performance. The stronger your core is, the faster and better your limbs move through their full range of motion, which means core training improves running, lifting, jumping, swimming…and really any type of physical activity.

A stronger core also means better posture and a strong lower back. One can’t have great abs without a strong lower back. If you one is lacking strength in the core area then he or she is not really experiencing the full benefits of reaching his or her full potential. .

With proper form and progression and GREAT CORE STRENGTH/ENDURANCE….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!