Pandemic Related Shifts Are Doing Some Good

JWW Fitness realizes just about everyone is struggling with the new normal. We hope the following tips provide new insight into how some of these changes have been for the good.

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Pandemic-Related Shifts
That Are Doing Us Some Good

COVID-19 obviously brought some serious problems into our world. Illness, death, medical industry shortages, job losses, and a weakened economy are just a few of the troubles the pandemic spurred. Yet they say every cloud has a silver lining, and if you look at some of the lifestyle shifts we’re experiencing, you can see there is definitely some good coming out of it.

Home-Cooked Meals

When schools and nonessential businesses closed their doors for lockdown, most of us shifted to a home-based lifestyle. Along with that, our eateries closed to in-house customers, which naturally meant more grocery shopping and home-cooked meals.

While not as convenient as hitting a drive-through or settling in for waitstaff to tend your order, as Groom + Style explains, home-cooked meals are loaded with perks. There is typically less sodium and sugar in what you whip up versus what a restaurant prepares, it’s more budget-friendly, and the portions are more appropriate than the ample servings most eateries provide.

One of the many culinary adventures the pandemic inspired is bread baking. Rather than buy loaves at the store, people are turning to blending, kneading, and rising their own. While it led to some empty shelves in the flour isle, it’s typically a healthier option than most restaurants provide, and on top of that, there is something therapeutic about working with dough that can comfort us during challenging times.

Keeping Up with Workouts

The pandemic forced most gyms and yoga studios to close, but it was easy to pivot to online instructional home workouts. While it’s definitely not the same as in-person training, many people have been able to maintain their fitness goals or even pick up new ones. And with so many options for physical activity through online workouts, it’s easy to keep your routine fresh. Personal training has also been able to pivot, with services like JWW Fitness offering certified fitness training through Skype!

Curbside Pickup

It’s clear that closing up nonessential stores to protect health hurt the economy, but to make shopping for essentials easier, retailers across the country shifted to a curbside pickup model that continues to work for businesses and customers.

This is not only a health and safety measure, but it boosts convenience for shoppers since they can place orders online or call in orders ahead to businesses embracing this policy. What’s more, USA Today notes many stores offer special hours for at-risk customers, both for in-store shopping and for curbside pickup.

House Hunting From Afar

When it comes to essentials we can shop for from home, nothing beats the ability to shop for your next home via the web. The gadgetry was in place long before COVID-19 broke out, but the tech tools that are keeping the housing market alive suddenly became mainstream.

Online listings give buyers everything from statistical data to 3D walkthroughs, and house hunters can participate in virtual tours, virtual open house events, and even drive-up closings when they finally find “the one.” It’s an ingenious process that keeps everyone safe and allows an essential aspect of life to continue.

Working and Schooling From Home

Our eating and shopping experiences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pandemic lifestyle shifts. With our workplaces shut down, more people than ever started working from home this year, and with schools closed, more parents found themselves homeschooling than ever before—a change that many families plan to stick with.

Thankfully, the technologically oriented world in which we live made this transition relatively easy, at least tools- and information-wise. Parents connected with educational resources and teachers online, and remote workers similarly embraced document sharing and virtual meetings.

Many remote workers quickly realized the benefits of the change, with reduced transportation costs and better work-life balance. Companies saw improved productivity and reduced overhead costs, too. All this means that, as Fortune reports, more companies than ever are transitioning to a fully remote work model.

Although the pandemic certainly isn’t welcome, we’re managing to make the best of things. We’re covering our needs in ingenious ways that keep us safe and healthy, and taking opportunities to improve the balance of our overall lives. From better eating habits to new fitness routines to more time with the family, we’re definitely finding a bright side in the midst of COVID-19 troubles.

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