AGE60FIT™ Senior Fitness

age60fit senior fitnessSenior Fitness – Exercise brings benefits to everyone!

Few people are aware of how beneficial exercise is as we get older. Advancing age is associated with unwanted effects in body composition such as bone and muscle loss. These documented effects can not only make daily life activities difficult to pursue, but also increase risks of injury leading to long-term disability. The good news is that most of these undesirable effects are not caused from aging but from inactivity and poor eating habits.

After research, I was amazed to find there were very few senior fitness programs for the young 60s and over group that entail safe and proper program development. The most important concept in exercise is proper form and technique, and as we get older these fundamentals of exercise become even more crucial. Exercising without a personal trainer or performing exercises with improper technique can lead to injury and less than optimal results. This is why I developed the AGE60FIT™ senior fitness program that involves one on one training with a certified trainer, ensuring individuals a great workout that provides proper program development, form test, and a safe environment in which to workout.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ‐‐Eleanor Roosevelt

The AGE60FIT™ program provides a variety of low-impact physical activities which involve little stress on the joints and bones, and a recommended amount of resting time between sessions to prevent over training.

Increasing musculoskeletal strength, heart rate, endurance, flexibility, and quality of life combined with weight and fat loss are the results that individuals will experience through the AGE60FIT™ program. To provide everyone with an opportunity to work out, our senior fitness program has been designed to be budget friendly for those who may be on a fixed income.

Be sure to check with your health care provider before you begin any exercise program.

  1. First step- Check with your health care provider before you start training
  2. Second step- start the AGE60FIT™ program and change your life forever

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