CRS60™ Intense Workout Program

  • The Better Way to Get Fit

    For the past several years I have developed CRS60™, the better way to get fit. With a combination of previous experiences training clients and the knowledge gained from a BA in exercise science and NSCA, I have developed an intense workout program that is fun and proven to give results.

    CRS60™ intense workout program includes core training, resistance training, and sport specific exercises.

    If you have a certain sport or hobby (soccer, golf, dance, boxing, swimming, etc.) that you enjoy doing on your own time or would like to train for, I incorporate the activity of your choice in a program that best fits your goals. Even if you have no interest in sports I will develop a program that will build toned muscle, burn fat fast, and improve your overall agility. This program will make you feel like a new person.

    This includes a variety of dynamic core exercise that can be performed at beginner or advanced levels.

    The core exercises from CRS60™ will enable an individual to use his or her body in ways it has never been used before and develop a stronger frame to increase performance in the weight room. The resistance training section includes intense full body workout involving mostly free body weight exercise that will build lean muscle and burn fat fast. The sport specific exercises involve a combination of muscular strength and speed, which equals muscle power. The great part of the sport specific section is that I will design a special program that fits your goals and hobbies.

    Whether you want to improve your physical ability in a certain sport, or just want to improve your overall balance and coordination the CRS60™ intense workout program will get you there. Keep in mind an athlete can do it – a regular guy or girl can do it – but most important, YOU CAN DO IT.

    Please contact us for more information about our CRS60™ Program.