Half Hour Fit™ 30 Minute Workout

30 Minute Workout Condensed Training Sessions

Half Hour Fit™ is for those who don’t have a lot time to work out, but still want to squeeze an effective workout into their schedule and get results.

Research shows that for reaching weight loss goals, a 30 minute workout can be just as effective as a full hour. Concentrated 30 minute sessions are a great way for experienced exercisers to get a more intense workout, with lots of activity and little rest time. This program may also be a good option for those who don’t enjoy long exercise sessions, since you get a lot of bang in a brief 30 minute session. Because the sessions are only 30 minutes each, our program uses a wide variety of exercises to ensure muscle balance, and leaves little time for boredom.

I also recommend periodic Half Hour Fit™ 30 minute workout sessions for those who do regularly work out an hour a day. This can be great way to add variation to one’s workout routine by improving results from variation and decreasing the chances of injury with a form of cross training which improves recovery time.

This is an affordable option for those on a budget. Get the benefits of training with a professional trainer for only $30 per session.

Ten 30 minute workout sessions for only $300!

For more information about Half Hour Fit™ training sessions, please contact us.