Push ups, pull ups, plank variations, signal limb exercises, balance exercises…

All are great exercises above in which I do and have my clients do all the time along with free weights. However when one’s focus is to gain muscle or get stronger, sometimes these moves get neglected due to focus being primary on free weight training.

Hey I love free weight training and put in at least an hour of free weight training in just for myself at least 5 days a week. However, I know that free weight training alone is not as effective as free weight training when combined with the body weight moves I listed above. Body weight training can hit the muscles in different ways than free weights can by adding more muscle balance to ones workout as well as recovery.

One can combine free weights with free body weight training in the same workout or separate these workout methods by alternating with free weight training for one day and then free body weight exercises the next day.

Jason Whalen BA Exercise Science/nutrition therapist