Research and training, and how they are meant for each other!

So yesterday I spent the day at NSCA’s ARIZONA STATE CLINIC …and it was one of the best clinics I have been too!! They had some incredible speakers such as:

Sue Falstone Physical therapist of the LA DODGERS, 1ST FEMALE HEAD trainer for a major league baseball team!!

We also heard from Jared Porter on stratifies for making Practice and training more efficient, he has a Ph.D for Sports Science from LSU, …

We also heard from Jared Porter CSCS who works at NIKE and works with all the professional athletes with Nike…and we heard from other great trainers and Doctors for strength training and conditioning as well as some of the top nutritionist for athletes and general public, discussing the top diet trends of today.

I truly love what I do and always love the opportunity to learn from others in my field. What is so great about NSCA is that it is more than fitness, nutrition, and sports. It goes into the science of training, from a physical and mental point, and goes strictly by research from the best performance doctors and coaches out there. There is so much research out their today regarding training athletes, the general public, as well as research regarding the science of the body bio mechanics, motor learning, stress stimulus(fight or flight), energy systems, hormones as it relates to training, etc…, that one can longer go by one research article they find on the internet. The first have have see how good the source is and then find how many good sources there are on that topic and compare these articles to find the outcome. So when looking for research it should not say research says, it should say most research says… because today the is so much good research out there on these topics.

That is what NSCA and its professionals do and that is what they recommend all there professionals to do as well. So one now knows why I never go by one article or one idea, I believe many researches should first find some science behind any idea before it is used in training program. Also, lets be honest here, not all fitness programs works for one, just like not all diets work for one. There will never be fitness program or diet program out there that all can use and be successful with. That is why I love research and continuing education on the human body as well as the human brain and how it reacts to different stimulus in training and in life really. Because any movement we make in this world has science behind it and I enjoy learning externally and internally why we can make these movements and in fitness and sports how we can make these movements better for performance, as well as how we can make these movements where there is less chances of injury.

I am a proud member of NSCA and part owner a small training studio that basis its values around my own experience, great teachers before me, as well as the best research out there. At JWWFITNESS, Training day and Learning day is all day everyday!!!