Squats may be the greatest exercise of all time….So why do we squat?

We Squat because it is one of the best exercises one can do for any goal; improving health, sport-specific training, muscle gain, weight loss. My top reasons for why squats are a must for any health and fitness are below. Please read:

1. Squatting engages the CORE like no other exercise and forces stability and mobility throughout the entire core when proper form and progression are used. In my opinion, the squat is one of the best indirect core exercises that one can do because it can increase ones POSTURE and core strength greatly. This includes LOWER BACK strengthening as well because the lower back is a core muscle.

2. We squat because when squatting with good form and progression and or variation, the squat is simply the BEST EXERCISE one can do for building strength and muscle for the ENTIRE LOWER BODY PERIOD. There are other great exercises such as deadlifts, lunges, hiking, jogging, etc…,which one should do as well but none of these are as effective as the squat. Preforming squats with the right technique is also important for increasing strength in the knee joints, including that Fibrous connective tissue which connects bone to bone (LIGAMENTS) as well and the TENDONS which connect muscle to bone.

3. Due to the fact that squats are a full body exercise, this move requires a great amount of MUSCLE FIBER RECRUITMENT of both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers, as well as the maximum production of TESTOSTERONE and HGH. These are all important components of muscle gain so this makes the squat with proper form and free weight training the number one muscle building move out there not just for legs but the entire body.

4. Doings squats with or without weights can elevate the HEART RATE. Why? Because our legs are a big muscle group and working big muscle groups as well as performing big compound movements such as the squat, will elevate the heart rate during ones workout spiking the individuals METABOLIC RATE. This makes it easier to burn fat during a workout session. Just doing free bodyweight squats or squat jumps in between sets can turn your workout into a HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING session.


Jason Whalen BA. Exercise Science and A member of NSCA