You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link – CRS60™ – The Better Way To Get Fit!

Yes you have seen me post on this programs that we have created,  many times on Facebook and with even more details, on our website but I want to get the true purpose of this program out. I think because of the name of this program, people may think this our version of some P90X or insanity program. Yes one will for sure burn a good amount of calories and gain solid muscle in this program, but the CRS60’s true purpose is to improve ones musculoskeletal health!

Improving ones musculoskeletal system will lead to being able to perform any sport specif exercise and/or traditional fitness program in the most anatomical way possible . Though no one is perfect when we talk in terms of anatomical planes, one still can through the right way of training, improve musculoskeletal system so there is less chance of injury and more chance of results with exercise. So yes this program can be sport specific and great for weight loss and muscle gain, but even more importantly our CRS60 program is built to prevent those common ailments and skeletal inefficiencies that affect athletes and fitness enthusiasts on regular basis. Think of this program in way of using exercises to improve the exercises or activities that one struggles with.

What type of training do I include in my CRS60 program to ensure one is going to get the best out of any exercise? .

Well let me start by using this phrase from a recent training article of NSCF: “Machines and symmetrical training create an unnatural environmental stress. This causes adaptations to a stress that is not consistent with the body’s design”………..Hey the bench press, spin bike and back squat exercises have a place in effective training but without the proper adjunct or auxiliary exercises to balance these moves, these exercises can actually lead to problems.

So I am not just talking balance in where we should do a triceps exercise to every bicep exercise or a back exercise to every chest exercise, although that is very important too, I am talking about including Asymmetrical training and unilateral training which are a type of functional or full body movements that really force one to use his or her stabilizer muscles as well as improve his or her weaknesses or weakest limb. These movements are really going to contribute to ones musculoskeletal problems so they can be better at these exercises mentioned before such as bench press, spin bike, and back squat exercises.

Asymmetrical training which is designed to enhance stabilizers, is the best type of exercise to help improve form on compound exercise such as the squat for example. Many folks perform the barbell squat incorrectly more then they even know and even those who do perform this move correctly, still maybe don’t hit all the muscles that they should during this movement due to either in-proper alignment because of over use of one limb, or instability in the lower limb joints (ankles and knee) or even just inflexibility in the hamstrings and/or lumbar lower back.

If one does not feel the gluts and quads muscles working while performing squats, then one should revisit their form and also include more asymmetrical exercises in their routine. A suitcase dead-lift (one sided load) or a squat with a sand bag on one shoulder is asymmetrical exercise. Asymmetrical moves, which basically means holding one weight or a heavier weight in one hand or over the shoulder, dramatically increase the spinal stabilizers to keep the trunk in alignment. Obviously holding a heavier weight in just one limb is going to force the core to work even harder to stabilize.

I also of course as mentioned earlier in this article, include Unilateral training in my CRS60 program. This method is similar to asymmetrical but most useful for balancing out strength in the less dominate limb. Unilateral training is also good for improving range of motion and stability in the muscles around a joint. Examples of unilateral exercises include: single limb movements such as singe leg dead-lift, lunges, one arm shoulder press, front or lateral raise, and any one arm bicep and triceps exercise of course.

Both asymmetrical and unilateral training also need some guidance in form so one should be sure to know how and why this type of training is important before using it in their routine. This type of training is of course, used in all types of sport specific programs because of how important core training, balance (in general and limb balance) , and agility is to all sports. As I explained in this article, this type of training can really help one improve his or her performance in the weight room, spin class, cross-fit class as well as most other fitness programs out there. Your only as strong as your weakest link so let CRS60 HELP YOU BECOME STRONGER!!

By:  Jason Whalen – BA Exercise Science and HPE